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Farm Credit Q1 2017
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Wheat Futures Traded Mixed on Friday

I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Market Line Report for Monday, June 26th. With an update of Friday’s Markets here is Allendale Brokers’ RJ Meyer

Dow-Agro Dow Agro

Tim Hassinger is President and CEO of Dow AgroSciences, a position he assumed in May 2014.

Tips-For-Backyard-Poultry-Owners Tips For Backyard Poultry Owners

Although there are no formal statistics available to the number of backyard chicken flocks in the United States, it has grown considerably in recent years. Often flock owners don’t have much knowledge or experience raising chickens prior to bringing their poultry home.

Interpera-World-Pear-Conference-Pt-1 Interpera World Pear Conference Pt 1

World Pear Conference, Interpera Congress, deemed a huge success in Wenatchee!

Regional-Hay-Report Regional Hay Report

Here is USDA Grain and Livestock Reporter Greg Sanders with the Columbia Basin Hay report from last week.

Wolf-Collared-in-Skagit-County-Pt-1 Wolf Collared in Skagit County Pt 1

The first wolf is captured, collared, and released west of the Cascades in Skagit County.

Labor-Crackdown Labor Crackdown

ICE continues enforcements and the Department of Labor vows there will be a crack down on work Visas.

Samurai-Wasps-Pt-2 Samurai Wasps Pt 2

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has a natural predator and it has been found in the Pacific Northwest.


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