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Most Recent Report: Elk Scent
Date: November 16, 18

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Mike Jenkins from Up Front Outfitters in Washington state is a character with a lot of great stories. This one that he shares with us tells us about his taking a client named Dan on an elk hunt. Dan was very concerned about scent and when he learned that Mike was bringing along another guide with his client, Dan was furious and concerned. Nonetheless the hunt proceeded as we hear from Mike. “We get up there and this whole Ridge has just got elk screaming on it. I said, Dan, let’s get up on that ridge, we will get in there and we will call one. Nope. Too far for me to walk, I’m not going. Of course he is wearing 80 pounds of scent lock and it’s 88°, of course he didn’t want to walk. So I told him, Dan, I have to go to the bathroom and, number two. So I am going to go downwind and go to the bathroom. So I take off and he is mumbling and grumbling. So I am back there going to the bathroom and I hear a bull bugle. So I use my cow call and he cuts me off and screams right back at me. I cow call again and here comes this bull, he is hot. I finish up and I go running down the hill and I get right next to Dan and there are four of us and this bull is coming in and all of a sudden I look and I see the bull’s feet. I say Dan, knock an arrow. So he draws an arrow, the bull walks out, he smacks that bull, just hammered it dead center mass and after I looked up and saw the shot I said hey, how’s that for scent control.


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PRIMARY              ~ People who Hunt and Fish in the Northwest, from the novice to the guide.
SECONDARY      ~ People who might gain a better understanding of the outdoor sportsman through interesting stories and antidotes.
To entertain and educate, thus creating a desire to go fishing, hunting and explore the outdoors.  In these short radio vignettes we take the listener on an audio adventure far away from their current environment, to a place they would rather be… The great outdoors!
Passion defines the work of David Sparks Ph.D., a veteran of television and host of Sportsman’s Spotlight.  David's resume includes features on the Outdoor Channel (winner of eight Telly Awards),  host and producer of ESPN’s Ultimate Outdoors, Jeep National Trails and a bevy of network television including  PM Magazine, NBC game shows and stints guest hosting the Oprah Winfrey Show. During David’s tenure with ESPN’s Ultimate Outdoors, he acquired hunting and fishing tips from the “Master” internationally famous outdoorsman/guide Wayne Pearson . “On location” took on a whole new meaning as the pair hunted game in various locations around the U.S.; from upland birds in the Dakotas to gators in Louisiana but it was David’s riveting quest for the great marlin in Puerto Rico and sword and sailfish in Venezuela that endeared him to his fans.  In addition to his wealth of television work David Sparks earned his doctorate in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University and taught at the University of Washington.
Watch out!  David's enthusiasm for hunting and fishing is contagious, humorous and .....sometimes cantankerous but one thing for certain with Sparks it’s always entertaining and the spotlight is always on you the outdoorsman.

% of population that fishes
Number of Anglers
% of population that hunts
Number of Hunters


Average dolla spent per Sportsman per year


Recreation Expenditures in Idaho
(Total: $923 million)
Fishing Expenditures in Idaho
(Total: $283 million)
Hunting Expenditures in Idaho
(Total: $260 million)
Wildlife-Associated Recreation
Expenditures in Oregon
(Total: $2.0 billion)
Fishing Expenditures
in Oregon
(Total: $497 million)
Hunting Expenditures
in Oregon
(Total: $374 million)
Wildlife-Associated Recreation
Expenditures in Washington
(Total: $3.1 billion)
Fishing Expenditures
in Washington
(Total: $905 million)
Hunting Expenditures
in Washington
(Total: $313 million)

*National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, 2006 (FHWAR) http://www.census.gov/prod/www/abs/fishing.html


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