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AG Weather Impacts
by Dennis Hull, click here for bio

Program: Ag Weather Impact
Date: April 17, 2018

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Rainfall since Wednesday across the Columbia Basin was mainly ¼ to ¾ inch. Heavier amounts up to 1 and a half inch were measured in Columbia and Eastern Walla Walla counties. It looks the the weather systems for the next week will track mainly across British Columbia or northern California, so most farms should get less than a quarter inch. Where recent rain were heaviest, you can expect good drying on most of these next 7 days with temperatures averaging close to normal. And even beyond into the 14 day outlook shows a more tranquil period with near to above normal temperatures and near normal rainfall. Planting and asparagus harvest should be able to proceed. The drier conditions should lessen the threat of foliar disease, but if it is necessary to spray, Chemical applications will be aided by light winds especially Wednesday through Friday. A weak cold front Friday night may cause some breezy conditions early Saturday, but lighter winds are likely to return early next week with high pressure. Now looking at 2 inch soil temperatures, we're sitting at 50 to 55 degrees now, but should warm about 5 degrees over the next week, so good germination and development for spring wheat, potatoes, canola and early garden vegetables.

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