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Greg Martin Governor’s Forum
by Greg Martin, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: January 07, 2015

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Governor’s Forum. I’m Greg Martin with Colorado Ag Today.

Also in studio with me is the Ag Network’s Lacy Gray.

GRAY: Greg you know soon farmers and ranchers will be preparing for the 2015 season.

MARTIN: And that means it’s meeting time for the ag industry. One of those important meetings is next month’s 24th Annual Governor’s Forum on Agriculture.

GRAY: Yes, the 2015 Governor’s Forum on Agriculture will feature leading water experts about the challenges facing Colorado in meeting the water demands of a diverse state with competing needs. The program, “Water, Colorado’s Treasure” is intended to provide agriculture producers and agriculture professionals a greater insight into the challenges we face as a state in meeting increased water demands, balancing competing interests and agriculture’s role in today's “water wars.” Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program, in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado State University present this program each year and registration is open right now.

MARTIN: After February 12th the registration fee goes up by $50. The fee does include a pre-forum reception at the Governor’s Mansion which sounds like fun. And tomorrow I’ll be talking to Angie Cue with the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program regarding the program itself. Thanks Lacy.

GRAY: Sure.

And that’s today’s report. I’m Greg Martin, thanks for listening to Colorado Ag Today on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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