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Maura Bennett September is for Apples at Colorado Department of Ag
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: September 05, 2017

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Every month the Colorado Department of Agriculture picks a locally grown crop to highlight for benefits to Colorado’s economy and its good taste.

September is Apple month.

“It’s hard to believe that fall is almost here. That means it’s apple time in Colorado. Most of our apples are grown in orchards on the western slope; the Grand Junction, Paonia, Hotchkiss. We’ve got a really wonderful climate for growing apples in Colorado. The still warm days with the intense sunlight, the cool nights, the mountain fresh air are really conducive for growing tree fruit here in the state.”

Wendy White at the Department of Agriculture.

She says this month’s recipe to try at home is Apple Compote.

“We are really excited to feature this Colorado Apple Compote recipe primarily because we have two different cooking techniques. You can either use a sou vide cooker which is really gaining in popularity which is cooking in a vacuum bag in a water bath or you can use your slow cooker. Either way it locks in the flavor of the apples and adds a little sweetness and spice with the other ingredients.You can serve it with frozen custard or ice cream as a real nice dessert.”

Interested in making this delicious fall apple compote? Go to:


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