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KayDee Gilkey Success of Feed A Bee Program
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: February 10, 2017

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Honey bees are a very important and necessary element in ag production. The Feed a Bee Initiative is working hard to increase pollinator habitat. Becky Langor the Project Manager for North America’s Feed A Bee Program shares more the Feed a Bee initiative that began just two years ago.

Langor: ‘The Feed A Bee Initiative is part of our Bayer Bee Care Program. It really started with the premise that a lot of people asked how they could with help with pollinator heath. So Feed A Bee really harnessed that interest in allowing people to create forage and habitat across the United States. We looked to plant 50 million flowers when we launched and get 50 partnering organizations that could either expand the educational message or develop large tracts of land to forage. To date, we’re at 2 billion flowers — so we far exceed our 50 million — with the help of 900,000 individuals and more than 175 partners.”

That is right 2 Billion —with a ‘b’ — flowers in two years Langor says the momentum of the initiative has been amazing.

Langor: “And the cool thing is that every little bit helps — whether someone is planting a flower pot on a apartment balcony or they have acres in land — it all makes a difference in pollinator heath.”

If you’d like to join in this initiative, she shares how to get involved.

Langor: “So we have exciting things coming in 2017 I would encourage everyone to visit feedabee.com where we will have information as the year progresses. They will see us on the road. We go to talks. We hand out little wildflower seed packets. They can email feedabee@bayer.com request seed packets. Also partnering organizations at feedabee.com can download an order form where they can self order and if it is 10 acres or more they can come on as a partner.”

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