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KayDee Gilkey Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Future of Transportation
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: February 24, 2017

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Earlier this week, I attended the commissioning of an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Fast Charge Installation in Rosalia — a small farming community on the Palouse. As we stood outside of 1923 Texaco gas station, we learned more about the future for electric charging cars. Avista Manager of Electric Transportation Rendall Farley shares

Farley: “I think what we will see in the future better and better opportunities to take advantage of driving electric — which is ultimately a better way driving and transporting either people or things than on petroleum. If we do it right, if we managing the charging; it can actually maybe reduce the electric rates for all customers. So it is not just about benefiting those driving electric, it is about benefiting everyone.”

The benefit I quickly surmised for the small town was that it does take some time to charge a car, so people have the opportunity to get a cup of coffee or have a bite to eat. Farley continues with more about electric cars and their future.

Farley: “The technology is getting better. The costs are coming down up front. But the advantage these things have longer term is that they are more fun to drive, they are more responsive. You get 100 percent torque from the electric motor something you don’t get from a gas engine. They are clean. They are quiet. Electricity is always going to be cheaper on a per mile basis than gas. And on top of that you get all these maintenance savings. So there is no oil changes, there are no moving parts that are going to break — for the most part. Strategically it is important not just regionally or in rural communities but also across the country and really across the world you see this happening. This is the future of transportation.”

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