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KayDee Gilkey What Are the Benefits of Having Weekly Employee Meetings?
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: May 08, 2017

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Over the past several days Farm and Ranch Reports, Tristan Klesick of Klesick Farms a local farmer and entrepreneur, has been sharing the reasons why he has weekly employee meetings, what kinds of things are discussed at the meetings. Today, Klesick shares what are the benefits of these weekly meetings.

Klesick: “I asked my team members what benefits have they seen from the weekly team meetings. One comment was, ‘We are connect to the bigger picture and provides inspiration.’ Another team member said, ‘Helps us see beyond our own responsibilities and see how everybody is part of the team.’ ‘We get to met and know all the other team members and find out more about what they do.’ ‘We receive inspiration for personal and work life. We get to learn the why of the business — that is powerful. If our team members understand the why of what we do: the how and the what are so much simpler. Helps us to see we are a team with a shared goal. Helps us gain a broad range of knowledge. Helps us see how we add value —- people want to succeed. If you don’t tell people how they can actually succeed; how are they going to hit the target?”

He says prior to having weekly employee meetings he said his business was dis-jointed and lacked team unity but now a year after implementing weekly team meetings, Klesick says his team is more unified, on the same page and it is creating culture of winning personally and professionally in the company.

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