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David Sparks Ph.d Idaho Truffle Hunt
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: December 18, 2018

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“(laugh) oh you’re such a good dog.” it’s a big day for truffle hunting dog Bella Getana. The national media is visiting Idaho’s truffle region and the truffle sniffing dog is center stage. “Look at the size of that truffle you found. Good job.” Like a lot of Idahoans, Ag Day reporter Betsy Gibben is curious to learn about growing truffles in all places, Idaho. “I don’t know many people in Idaho but I called the one person I did and he said, you are doing truffles? That is not a main part of our industry in Idaho and so even some people who live in the state, maybe this will raise some awareness. It is very interesting and I enjoy going on stories and learning as I go. What does it feel like? Is it soft? Oh no, they are hard.” Idaho truffle Guru, Paul Beckman, enjoys his almost daily hunt with Getana. It’s early in the harvest but a successful day of discovery in the orchard. “This is a bean kettle truffle. It’s got a little bit of mud on it. We will wash it off and then what we will do with this to begin with, we will put it in with eggs, cream and butter and let the gases come off of it and infuse that before we actually use it in the food.

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