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Susan Allen Orwadaho
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 03, 2010


Orwadaho has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? There are more then a few folks  living east of the cascades that think they’d be better off if this new state was created consisting of eastern Oregon, eastern Washington and Idaho. Companies have mergers why not states?  Ready to redraw borders, I’m Susan Allen stay tuned for Open Range. When I lived  on the east coast and mentioned I hailed from the Northwest it was automatically assumed I was from one of the most liberal parts of the nation. The fact I wore cowboy boots instead of Birkenstocks thoroughly confused things.  It remains a quandary that life east of the cascades,  typically rural and conservative in nature is regulated and dictated by the metro mindset of Portland and Seattle.  Why not form a new state? Actually it’s not a new concept, in the early 40’s Northern Californians and Oregonians in the southern most part of the state became fed up with disconnected legislators in Salem and Sacramento over the fact they weren’t getting their fair share of funding for roads and improvements ( sound familiar ). Thus they created a new state called Jefferson .  By winter of 1941  the group had a governor in place, even a state seal that consisted of Two X's painted on the bottom of a gold pan symbolizing  being double crossed by Salem and Sacramento. Yreka was dubbed the capitol and on December fourth 1941 Hollywood news teams came to film the inaugural kick off parade planning to show reels the following  week. On December 7th Pearl Harbor was bombed and the people of that Northwest region quickly forgot about new statehood and concentrated on the war effort. Timing is everything .Time for Orwadaho?  

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