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Susan Allen Dairy Lobby increases pressure on Canada
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: July 25, 2017

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The U.S. dairy lobby is putting increasing pressure on Canada as the talks to redo NAFTA draw closer. People close to the situation told Reuters that America’s dairy farmers want concessions that Canada doesn’t seem likely to grant. The deal could be a hindrance to the upcoming NAFTA talks, under which Canada sends a lot of its exports to the United States. Dairy farmers have been upset for some time at Canada’s “supply management system,” which is what Canada calls its system of tariffs and quotas designed to keep domestic prices high and limit imports. And from another sector in the dairy industry Each year, the Holstein Association USA picks one cow for excellence both in the milking parlor and the show ring. This year’s Star of the Breed is heating things up in her own special way.

A Wisconsin Holstein cow, Miss Hot Mama Red-ET, has earned the honor of 2016 Star of the Breed—the first Red & White Holstein to win the title. Ashley Mohn, Holstein Association USA Communications Coordinator, says that the Star of the Breed award recognizes a Holstein cow that’s the “total package”,

Mohn: They demonstrate to the world the extreme quality and well roundedness and it also brings a well earned recognition to her breeders and owners who have given her the care needed through her lifetime which have allowed her to obtain her potential.

Mohn adds that the Star of the Breed award is one of the most rewarding duties of the Holstein Association, recognizing members for their achievements in improving the quality of U.S. Holsteins

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