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David Sparks, Ph.D. 3-29 SS Buffalo Steak
by David Sparks, Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 29, 2011

 How does a buffalo hunt and a buffalo steak roasted to perfection in the great outdoors sound to you? Hey everybody… every once in a while we have an opportunity to hear from executive chef and expert outdoorsman Randy King who today is going to tell us a story about being out in the desert with a delightful job in front of them, cooking a Buffalo that have been harvested. Take it away chef Randy: “Recently my friend got a depredation hunt down on the border of Utah and Colorado. If wild buffalo get off a game reserve they start damaging the fence lines and doing a whole bunch of stuff so they offered depredation tags and you can go down there and harvest of Buffalo. So he shows up, goes on the hunt, I wasn’t able to go on the hunt,  but he hands me something for our camping trip. We went out to look at some petroglyphs which is the Indian rock writing out in the desert one weekend and he gives me a buffalo tenderloin. So I’m out in the middle of the desert with a tent and only a big pan. I didn’t think it was quite the way we needed to cook it and so I went and made a spit out of the stump, took the back end of two wrenches, hammered them down into a stump, stock Willow branch through the middle of the tenderloin and rubbed it down with a little bit of sage brush and salt and pepper and a little bit of coffee grinds and roasted that thing slow and low over a campfire. So I had a real primeval moment eating some buffalo out in the desert with some sagebrush and it was a great little experience.

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