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Tommy Allen B's Rubs
by Tommy Allen, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: February 10, 2017

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B’s Rubs, Seasoning to die for and made by an inspiring entrepreneur and history teacher. Here is Brian with his culinary inventions. Brian, “You know it’s funny, B’s Rubs started about 15 years ago when I stated experimenting with different seasonings around the house and just encouraged by friends and family to be creative. A lot of friends and family would request my rubs when they would get deer and elk and salmon. So we just started to get creative and it’s really a family business and then about two years ago I started doing sportsman shows and it started to take off. I got into some retailers. I’m really loving the sportsman’s shows and making a great connection with hunters and fisherman. It’s really funny my friends sort of named the company. They would always ask if I had any more of that B’s rub and we would get a kick out of it. I would make 75 jars and before long they would all sell out. B's Hickory Smoke Rub started out as a hobby more than a 15 years ago. I wanted to make a completely unique steak rub that I could also use as the perfect blend for making beef jerky and smoked salmon. The idea was to create a rub that wasn’t too salty, had just enough sugar to get good caramelization on steaks, and had a hickory smoke aroma. My first rub turned out to be fantastic on everything from steaks and salmon, to breakfast potatoes and vegetables. After I created my first "bullet-proof" rub, I began to experiment with other recipes. Since the early days, I developed an Apple Rub, Batch #9 Seasoning Salt, Jamaican Jerk, and several other recipes soon to be available to the wider public. Seeing this hobby grow into a small business has been a fun journey for me and my family. B's Rubs is a small family owned and operated company from Eastern Washington. Give these rubs a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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