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Matt Rice BaitCloud
by Matt Rice, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 03, 2017

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How many times have you been out on the lake, in what seems to be the perfect spot and you just can’t get a bite? Well I’ve been there hundreds of times if not more and I think I might have just came across the perfect fix, the BaitCloud. Here’s Owner Carl Rudnik to explain how it works.

Carl “How we came up with the ideas was we were ice fishing out here in Ontario and not having too much luck and I’m not a fan of chumming and a lot of places chumming isn’t actually legal. So, I thought there has to be something that I can drop down the hole that would create sort of a disturbance and but also a scent trail. I was chatting with my friend, who is now my business partner and essentially she referred to something that she used that was sort of like an Alka-Seltzer type product and wondered if that might be something that could be tweaked to attract fish. So, I made a couple of prototypes of capsules that I drop down the hole that release fish scents and amino acids and oils. I did some research in the scientific background on the premise of why it was working and what we ended up with was BaitCloud. So, if you drop a BaitCloud down a hole it will start fizzing and bubbling right away as soon as it is exposed to water and fish pick up on the vibrations, sounds and site. They are drawn to the location but because you’re not actually feeding the fish, it’s not considered chumming and the fish don’t have to distinguish between your bait and chum. So, all their senses tell them there’s a meal there for me and that’s when you drop your bait in front of their face.”

If you want to try them out go to BaitCloud.com and order yours today. Completely biodegradable and earth friendly.

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