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David Sparks Ph.d Is venison gamey
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: July 04, 2018

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Jon Wipfli has written a book entitled VENISON and it  has more than 50 gourmet recipes for venison. He says he tries to take a little bit different approach to cooking this meat and I had a pretty common question for him. "The preeminent concept about venison among most people is that it is gamy. Is that your thoughts? That is such a strange word to use and I have been doing tons of interviews with people where they have used the word gamy and my thought is that it is just a flavor. It's a different flavor. It's a flavor that maybe people are not used to because we are used to eating chicken or corn fed beef or pork which just don't have those natural flavors. Jamie is a flavor and I think if you don't love it, you have to learn to balance it with other flavors. Even if you do like it is still important to balance the flavors. People give it a negative connotation when I think people should give it a positive connotation and learn how to work with those flavors and realize that this is what actual protein tastes like. It's full of flavor but it is a flavor you might not be used to.

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