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Bob Hoff 11/08/05 Johanns hears about ESA and CRP
by Bob Hoff, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: November 08, 2005

Washington Ag November 8, 2005 The beneficial connection between endangered species and the Conservation Reserve Program were laid out for Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns at that Farm Bill Forum in Cheney last week by speakers from Douglas County, Washington. Jim Davis, farmer and president of the Washington Farmers Union, said farmers are on the frontline of the endangered species battle and CRP is our weapon of choice.

Davis: My recommendation is that where ESA impacts farming activities that can be mitigated by CRP enrollment that EBI values reflect more fully the values of CRP. In the case where there are listed and candidate species in a county that can be protected by collaborative efforts such as HCPs where CRP is a key component, that additional EBI point scores be granted and the 25% cap waiver be extended.

Davis also urged longer contracts, up to 15 years, when the ESA is involved. Farmer and Foster Creek Conservation District representative Lee Hemmer also urged continuation of the county CRP acreage limit waiver and recommended creation of a federal priority area for private lands in the West that have sage grouse and sharp tail grouse habit.

Douglas county is one of two in Washington that currently has a waiver to exceed the 25 percent acreage limit on CRP enrollment.

Im Bob Hoff.

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