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Bob Larson Combine Derby in Lind Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: June 05, 2018

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I’m Bob Larson. It’s a tiny little town that does things in a BIG way. The Eastern Washington town of Lind, in Adams County, is a short hop south of I-90 about 42 miles east of Moses Lake.

Not surprisingly, agriculture is a big part of the Lind livelihood so when the Lion’s Club, back in 1988, was looking for a unique way to celebrate the town’s first 100 years, they decided give new meaning to the term demolition derby …

DOYLE … “The Combine Derby started back in 1988. That was Lind’s 100-year Centennial so they wanted to figure out something unique for the 100 year Centennial. So, two guys, Bill Loomis and Ruben Fotey came up with the brain-storm of having a Combine Derby for the 100 Anniversary for Lind’s Centennial.”

And, Derby chairman Mike Doyle says this weekend’s Combine Derby will be the 31st year for what’s become a real crowd pleaser in the town of 564 residents …

DOYLE … “Over the years it has become very popular. We’ll draw around 4-thousand people a year. Could be a few more, could be a few less depending on the weather, but yes, it’s a very good money maker for the Lion’s Club. That is our money maker for the year.”

Doyle says it’s one last hurrah for these aging combines …

DOYLE … “You might as well put it to one more use before it goes into the scrap pile.”

The Lind Combine Derby is this Saturday and includes a weekend of festivities.

Listen tomorrow for details.

The Combine Derby arena is located a mile east of downtown Lind.

Friday: 6pm Demolition car and pickup races.

Saturday: 10:45 Kiddie Parade - 11:00 Grand Parade – Noon BBQ at City Park – 2pm Pickup races – 3pm Combine Demolition Derby – Intermission Pickup and Grain truck races.

Sunday: 10:00 Church Service at arena by Lind Community Church – 2pm Soap Box Coaster Car races on Smart’s Hill

You can get tickets at http://lindwa.com

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