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  • State of Beef

    The United States and Japan have agreed to accelerate bilateral trade talks. 

  • 2017 Wheat

    Idaho’s 2017 wheat harvest is finishing up.

  • State of wheat in the state

    Idaho’s 2017 wheat harvest is finishing up with dry-land farms combining the last of the spring wheat in Caribou, Bannock and Bingham counties.

  • Farm Revenue

    USDA sees modest increase in farm revenue, but hard times persist

  • Real Research

    Cameron Mulrony of the Idaho Cattle Association worries about misinformation coming from the public.

  • Idaho's Booming Economy

    Idaho has fewer people than Houston, still grows the most potatoes, and outperforms all 49 other states with a 21st-century economy.

  • 9-4 IAT Rancher Conservationist

    Idaho rancher Chris Banks says that taking strong conservation measures does not need to be dreary

  • Fake News

    Cameron Mulrony wrote an op-ed piece.

  • 2017 Spud Crop

    The 2016 season just ended and the last potatoes of the season were packaged and shipped.

  • Restoring topsoil

    A study has found that switchgrass, which is a perennial plant and used commonly for biofuel, improves soil quality.

  • You, rabies and your horse

    Some dire warnings about rabies,

  • Custer County Land

    In 1976, there were about 30,000 head of cattle in Custer County. Today there are about half that many.

  • Mites in beehives

    Just a few of the problems raising bees.

  • Pivot Control

    Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots.

  • Energy, Water Savings

    Researchers at the U of I are working together to help Idaho food processing companies reduce their energy and water use.

  • Futures hedging and options

    Howard Marella, is president of Icon Alternatives, an alternative investment firm that specializes in futures contracts.

  • Rancher Conservationist

    Chris Banks says that taking strong conservation measures does not need to be dreary and can add to the bottom line.

  • Cricket Over-run

    Weiser-Washington County rancher Cody Chandler says he's not only running cattle on his ranch but millions of Mormon crickets are on the range.

  • Eclipse Invasion

    Thousands heading to Weiser, Idaho

  • Solar Eclipse

    County commissioners in Washington County, Idaho are both nervous and excited as they plan for the thousands of people expected to view the upcoming solar eclipse.

  • Bitner Vineyard

    Ron Bittner, the owner of Bittner Vineyards in Caldwell Idaho, recently took us on a tour of his property.

  • Training Future Farmers

    University of Idaho’s College of Busines & Economics professor Dr.Terry Grieb’s introduction to market trading and funded trader seminar classes.

  • Great Irrigation

    The 2017 season is unlike any the past five decades.

  • Ag Trade Partners

    The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) recently concluded a regional meeting focused on agricultural trade, regulation, and environmental policy.

  • Wheat Harvest


  • Republician Gubernatorial canadiates 1

    I Want to Be Governor

  • Immigrant Dairy Family

    We are a third-generation dairy farm both on my mother’s side and my father’s side.

  • Savor Idaho

    The Idaho Wine commission invites you to step aboard a sunset cruise and enjoy Idaho wine samples, delicious food bites.

  • Hay's Ups and Downs

    Idaho farmer Tracy Walton Is into the dog days of summer harvest.

  • Final Leg of Zippy's Tour

    At the end of AFBF president Zippy DuVall's second day touring Idaho, the Ada County Farm Bureau hosted an evening event at Durant Farms.

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