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  • Poor Winter Wheat

    Crop damage reports across the US shows that the size of the 2017/18 winter wheat crop will be down, which could bring prices up by the fall harvest. 

  • Amalgamated Sugar

    Idaho Farm Bureau reporter and blogger Jake Putnam has thoughts on Idaho's sugar beets.

  • Bayer and Monsanto

    The data support zero of their claims.

  • Chemigation Seminars

    Westy Pickup told me The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has announced a series of training seminars for those seeking a pesticide applicator license.

  • Glanbia Wins



  • Deepest of the Decade

    The swollen Boise River at Lucky Peak is running 8800 cubic ft. per second.

  • Idaho Wine Rave

    Wine Industry gets glowing endorsement

  • Layne Bangerter

    Layne Bangerter Is a Trump staffer from Melba, Idaho.

  • Disaster Declarations

    Jim Guthrie’s farm along the Portneuf River is under water.

  • Too Much Wheat

    One of the greatest years for wheat in 2016 in Idaho along with record yields in Oregon, Washington, Colorado,Nebraska, Texas, Kansas.

  • Spring Cattle Auctions

    Springtime means cattle auction barns are moving what's referred to as light weight cattle.

  • Chobani Lawsuit

    This is just an opinion but somewhere between paranoia and Rush Limbaugh lies a YouTube announcer who is a right wing conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones.

  • Water Catastrophe

    “We are grateful that President Trump acted quickly to support parts of Idaho struggling through one of our worst weather-related disasters in recent memory,” Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter said.

  • Aquifer and Idaho's ag economy

    The Snake River Plain Aquifer underlies the Snake River Plain.

  • Aquifer Re-charge

    Idaho has an aquifer that was the equivalent of Lake Erie.

  • Presidential Disaster Declaration

    President Donald J. Trump signed a Presidential Disaster Declaration for 11 southern Idaho counties.

  • 2 sides to water

    Water, water, everywhere from Cassia County farm country to the famous glory hole on Owyhee Lake.

  • Idaho Spring Ag outlook

    Idaho Spring Ag outlook

  • Policy Statement

    I listened to a video of comments made by the former US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, via social media over the weekend.

  • Snow Mold

    Wet spring impacts Idaho grain

  • Lynn Tjeerdsma

    Meet the man who calls five farm bills his "life's work in Washington," Lynn Tjeerdsma from the D.C. office of Senator John Thune.

  • Cameron Mulrony

    Cameron Mulroney is firmly ensconced as the Executive Vice Pres. of the Idaho Cattle Association.

  • China Buying US Beef

    Trading beef with China.

  • Fine Wool

    Wool is defined as the textile fiber obtained from sheep.

  • Chlorpyrifos Decision

    Farm Bureau Praises EPA Chlorpyrifos Decision

  • AgriPro

    I asked Darcy Pawlik, a product marketing lead for Syngenta cereals about AgriPro for the Northwest.

  • Robotic Milking

    At Heber Loughmiller’s Hillside Dairy milk barn, in Elba, Idaho, cows have become best friends with robots.

  • Foreign Labor in Wool

    Foreign workers in the wool trade.

  • Sonny Purdue

    Got an email from the Agricultural Retailers Association

  • PETA Exposed

    A claim coming from the Center for Consumer Freedom in which a former PETA employee.

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