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  • Seafood Laboratory

    Seafood Laboratory

  • Horse Health

    Horse Health

  • Aquifer Re-Charge

    Half Million Acre feet sent into East Snake Aquifer

  • Old Truck

    83-year-old Fran Everett is a collector of antique trucks.

  • PILT

    Simpson Applauds Idaho PILT Payments

    Fiscal year 2018 Omnibus enabled DOI to fully fund PILT

  • Tariff Troubles

    Tariffs continue to chip at the global economy.

  • Sheep predators

    Phil and Harry Solon are sheepherders with a vast amount of experience and success.

  • Bumblebee Blues

    “Bumblebee blues: Pacific Northwest pollinator in trouble.

  • FB Foyer

    The University of Idaho christened its “Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Foyer .

  • Tariffs

    Pres. Trump recently announced $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods

  • Trade Wars

    The ongoing tariff and trade dispute with China could prove costly for the Trump administration in rural America.

  • Private Citizen Horse Management

    A novel way for private citizens to control the explosive growth of wild horses.

  • Acquisition

    Integrated Biological Systems Inc.

  • New Herbicide

    AMVAC Chemical Corporation has announced its new broad spectrum, low use rate corn herbicide, ImpactZ.

  • Improved Dairy

    The farm bill passed by the Senate Agriculture Committee includes improved dairy provisions,

  • Simpson Bill

    Funding to prevent and suppress wildfires, and payments that help counties with large percentages of federal lands.

  • Chobani

    The Chobani Foundation will provide $160,000 for scholarships to the University of Idaho to help educate the next generation of dairy professionals.

  • Water Outlook

    Water Supply Expected to Be Adequate

  • New Herbicide

    AMVAC Chemical Corporation has announced that its new broad spectrum, low use rate corn herbicide, ImpactZ, has received federal registration.

  • Bayer buys Monsanto

    Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto finally closes. And the worldwide brand name Monsanto will soon be known as Bayer.

  • Dairy West

    An organization now called Dairy West whose CEO is United Dairymen Of Idaho CEO Karryanne Fallow.

  • Enlist

    As we all know, one of the key ingredients to the success of any crop producer is weed control.

  • Academia and entrepreneurialism

    A cottage industry shows a very innovative relationship between academia and entrepreneurialism.

  • Outspent on Exports

    According to The latest analysis of foreign export promotion program investment shows that several competing countries and the European Union spent close to $1 billion in public funds on agricultural export promotion in 2016.

  • Aquifer Re-Charge

    Half Million Acre feet sent into East Snake Aquifer

  • China Imports

    US Trade officials want China to increase US Ag imports each year.

  • Urban Chickens

    Back in 2015, I interviewed Tisha Vanderweil, a kindergarten teacher.

  • Vet Shortage

    Idaho’s $10 billion dairy industry faces a veterinarian shortage.

  • Farm Bill Vote

    Is our political system broken?

  • Trade Wars

    Agriculture could end up being one of the big winners.

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