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  • Perdue on Sage Grouse

    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue just announced proposed changes to how to manage greater sage grouse.

  • Gene editing conundrum

    In a House agriculture subcommittee hearing there was talk about the issue of whether or not to allow gene editing to be part of organic production.

  • Corn and Hay

    The sound of baling hay in Gem County.

  • Organic Integrity

    Organic production vilifies genetically modified organisms, known as GMO's.

  • Dairy Robots

    Cows have become best friends with robots.

  • The Bane of Weeds

    Tough-to-control and resistant weeds affect grain quality.

  • Consumer Distrust

    You have to wonder what regular consumers are thinking about food these days.

  • Silage Science

    Custom harvesters assist growers across the country.

  • Farm Loans

    For farmers and ranchers, the USDA has a new online tool to help them make sense of loan offerings.

  • Growing Cherries

    Cherry farmer Lance PhillipsIdaho talks about the challenges that accompany his job of growing cherries.

  • Unanimity

    It is sometimes hard to get any six people from different sectors of agriculture to agree on anything.

  • Milk Research

    Dairy farmer Ken Smith: "Consumption has declined for the last 20 years."

  • New FB Office

    New FB Office in Meridian

  • Milk Prices

    How milk is really priced in the US

  • Porcupine Race

    One way to entertain yourself, if you are in a tiny rural Idaho Town.

  • Acreage report

    When the USDA's annual June acreage report came in, there were lots of surprises.

  • Cover Crop Benefits

    The Agriculture Department's been trying to convince row crop producers to use cover crops for years to improve soil health.

  • Organic Cherries

    A breath of fresh air out in Emmett, Idaho.

  • Replacing Nitrogen

    A very informative discussion about the use of cover crops to replace nitrogen.


    A new podcast by Farm Policy Facts focuses on agriculture policy at a time when farmers are facing a fifth straight year of low commodity prices.

  • Saving Idaho Monarchs

    Help support our state insect.

  • Agricultural Trade Deficits

    The government put out its ag trade numbers for the first eight months of this fiscal year.

  • Purdue PSA

    I came across a public service announcement from secretary of agriculture Sonny Purdue.

  • Idaho City

    On the back roads of Idaho, away from traffic on roads less traveled, you can find priceless treasure of Idaho's heritage.

  • Weed Control

    One of the biggest obstacles to maximizing yields each year are resistant weeds.

  • Labor scarce and Pricey

    From the fields of Payette county, workers are hard to find .

  • Safe Fourth

    The 4th of July, a time when more Americans cookout and have picnics than any other day.

  • Grocery Store Increase

    Food prices might be going up, but...

  • Dairy Margin Coverage

    Dairy program signups steady after first week.

  • Pasture Update

    How are the nation's pastures doing?

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