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  • Potato Prices

    Potato yields down, prices excellent

  • Fire Borrowing

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson discussed one of the most important issues facing all of us in the West, the problem of fire borrowing.

  • Equine wellness check

    The Monthly Equine Wellness Calendar Every Horse Owner Needs 

  • Two Young Farmers

    With 2017 coming to a close and 2018 just around the bend we went out into the field to see how two young farmers in the Treasure Valley fared in 2017

  • La Nina

    Aquifer Recharge on pace to match last year's record 

  • New FSA Director

    Trump Administration Appoints Evan Frasure to Serve as State Executive Director for USDA’s Farm Service Agency in Idaho


  • Sage Grouse Plan

    A recent communiqué regarding sagebrush and the BLM.

  • Women in Agriculture

    Jo Lynne Seufer, stated that she was so excited to see the Topeka Regional Office’s October blog sharing information about Women in Agriculture!!!

  • Water Wars

    Cattlemen Paul Nettleton, who runs the Joyce ranch said the state’s decision to side with the federal government on water rights was a double-cross to all water users in Idaho.

  • Lowery Water Rights

    Joyce decision

  • Stanley Beans

    Dust clouds can still be spotted across the Magic Valley as the 2017 bean harvest wraps up.

  • Aquifer and Idaho's ag economy

    The Snake River Plain Aquifer underlies the Snake River Plain.

  • Data over Drones

    A drone is just a tool In the tool shed.

  • She Grows Idaho

    Karma Metzler Fitzgerald and Dr. Alison Hurwitch, co-founders of She Grows Idaho .

  • La Nina

    Winter shaping up, La Nina Could bring another big snow year.

  • Tax code reform

    Farmers Applaud Move to Reform Tax Code

  • Despair to Hope

    Taking a plant resource that is considered a nuisance by most and turning it into biofuel.

  • Barging Wheat

    A transporter of wheat talked about using barges versus the old system of rail or truck.

  • Underserved and beginning

    FSA offers specially targeted farm ownership and farm operating loans to underserved applicants as well as beginning farmers and ranchers.

  • Higher Potatoes

    Potato market picking up going into Thanksgiving holiday

  • Labor shortage

    A survey by the California Farm Bureau shows farmers continue to have trouble finding a full workforce.

  • Women's Ag Conference

    "We Can Do It" is the theme for the sixth annual Women in Agriculture Conference

  • Sheep Shearing

    Travel magazine once stated that sheep, you may be surprised to learn, are not as dumb as they look.

  • Hells Canyon

    The relicensing of the Idaho Power facilities complex in Hells Canyon.

  • Depredation Compensation

    The Office of Species Conservation is now accepting applications for compensation for verified livestock losses due to wolves.

  • Stanley Beans

    Stanley Bean harvest

  • Aquifer and Idaho's ag economy

    The Snake River Plain Aquifer underlies the Snake River Plain.


    Farmers will soon be hearing a lot more about the Food Safety Modernization Act and the fact that on-farm inspections are on the horizon:

  • Is organic, organic_

    Stores that specialize in organic foods are booming.

  • Disaster Relief

    USDA Designates Bonner County in Idaho as a Primary Natural Disaster Area with Assistance to Producers in Surrounding States

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