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KayDee Gilkey hosts Open Range a 2 1/2 minute daily radio program that covers, issues, lifestyle and lore of the American West. Those of us  that make our homes  west of the Rockies are passionate about conservation, energy, fish and wildlife, fishing, hunting, riding,  ranching and yes our western traditions including round-ups and rodeos.

"The west isn't merely a place, rather a place of mind."



  • Simple Solutions for Complex Issues Too Good to Be True

    The Range Allotment Owners Association was created last summer. According to the website, their purpose is educating, informing and assisting allotment owners in protecting their property rights and promoting the interests of livestock organizations and communities dependent on the West’s livestock industry.

  • Costco Expansion Provides Additional Momentum for US Beef in South Korea

    U.S. beef is rapidly building momentum in South Korea, and now receives a further boost as Costco has officially begun converting its imported chilled beef selection from Australian beef to 100 percent U.S. product.

  • Cows’ Calving Time Nutritional Needs

    Once a cow has calved it remains critical for her to receive enough nutritionally to not only feed her calf but also to prepare her body for getting bred again.

  • Farm Regulatory Act: A Bill To Clarify Farm Regulatory Certainty

    Recently introduced bi-partisan legislation, HR 848 the Farm Regulatory Certainty Act, will prevent farmers from being targeted twice if they are already engaged in legal action or are making a diligent attempt to work with the state or federal government to address issues.

  • Company With Fly Control Solutions

    While at the recent Cattle Industry Convention’s Trade Show Field Reporter Tom Allen stopped by the Central Life Sciences booth and visited with Senior Director of Sales Tracy Harris who shared more details about their livestock fly control products.

  • State Beef Councils Will Continue to Prioritize Marketing to Millennials

    Jerry Effertz, a North Dakota cow-calf producer, is the newly elected chairman of the Federation of State Beef Councils.

  • Livestock Marketing Association’s Recent Legislative Win

    Livestock Marketing Association’s Vice President Government and Industry Affairs Chelsea Good shares more about bill that was passed that helped to modernize the Packer and Stockyard Act

  • Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef

    Director of Procurement and Producers Relations for Snake River Farms Wagyu Program Annie Inks says that their production program is unique in that they have a closed system and they are involved in every aspect from providing the genetics to the processing plant.

  • Shifting Rationale of FDA’s Draft Guidance Concerning

    Yesterday we began a conversation about the FDA recently released a draft guidance concerning genome editing which mimics what happens in natural selection — so when genome editing makes a polled Holstein the FDA would consider that a drug needing to be regulated.

  • FDA’s Draft Guidance on Animal Genomic Editing

    The FDA recently released a draft guidance concerning genome editing which mimics what happens in natural selection — not bringing in new genes but rather just tweaking an animal’s DNA

  • Western Ranchers Hail US Passage of Resolution to Repeal BLM’s Planning 2.0 Rule

    The House’s recent passage of the resolution to repeal of BLM’s Planning 2.0 Rule is a very positive step for ranchers and others who work with BLM across the West.

  • Update on U.S. Beef Export Results

    At last week’s Cattle Industry Annual Convention U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Philip Seng shared the following with member so the Export Growth Committee.

  • Ranch To Table Culinary Education Program Available

    The recently created Ranch to Table online Culinary Education program by AgriBeef Company while geared toward culinary instructors, is available for anyone who is interested in learning more about the different sectors of the beef industry.

  • New NCBA President Elected at Last Week’s Cattle Industry Convention

    A new President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association was elected — Craig Uden, a fourth-generation cattleman with a commercial cattle feeding operation from Elwood Nebraska — at last week’s Cattle Industry Convention.

  • Cow's Nutrition Quality Critical to Calf's Level of Immunity

    At last week’s Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville field reporter Matt Rice visited with Alltech representative Brian Lawless who shared the details of a forum on Calf Immunity that happened at the event.

  • Humane Watch’s Parody Ad of HSUS for Pre-Super Bowl

    Wanted to give farmers and ranchers a heads up that the Humane Watch, a project of the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom, is airing a satirical Super Bowl commercial this weekend titled “Lawyers in Cages.”

  • January 1 Cattle Inventory Report

    While the January first USDA Cattle Inventory Report shows an overall 2 percent increase to all cattle and calves numbers in the U.S. — our region’s herds ended up with mixed results.

  • Importance of High Quality Colostrum For Your Calves

    Many ranchers across the West are in the thick of calving season.

  • December’s Cattle on Feed Report

    Here is USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam with an overview of last week’s monthly USDA Cattle on Feed report.

  • Paying for U.S./Mexican Wall

    Mexican officials upset by President Trump’s considering an import tax to pay for his U.S./Mexico border wall and plans to renegotiate NAFTA, are making their own threat.

  • Determining Global Beef Demand

    When we consider future global beef demand — 100 million people each year. That’s the current rate of growth for the global population, which is expected to total nine billion by the year 2050.

  • Key Learnings From Recent Range Livestock Symposium

    Earlier this month across the state of Idaho — three traveling one-day program and networking events — happened providing participants with information on industry relevant topics for producers and rangeland managers.

  • When Beef Cows Energy Requirements Increase

    This winter will go down as being one of the most difficult, bitter winters of recent memory. Cow-calf producers have you increased the amount of feed to your cows this winter ahead of calving season?

  • Owyhee Canyonlands Not Made Designated as National Monument

    In the Southwest corner of Oregon, in Malheur County residents are giving a deep sigh of relief.

  • America's Diverse Family Farms Study

    According to the recent USDA’s America’s Diverse Family Farms Study that was released last month, family farms comprise 99 percent of U.S. farms, accounting for 89 percent of production.

  • Supreme Court Agrees to Take EPA WOTUS Rule

    Last week the Supreme Court’s decided to grant the cert petition for the industry coalition lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency on its Waters of the U.S. or WOTUS.

  • Newly Launched Ranch To Table Culinary Education Program

    Agri Beef is involved in all aspects of the beef lifecycle — including ranching, cattle feeding and beef processing — has recently launched a new online education course.

  • Goat Yoga, Anyone?

    Albany, Oregon farmer Lainey Morse has created Goat Yoga and there evidently is a huge pent up demand of city folks wanting to lay on mats doing yoga while goats wandering around -- and of yesterday afternoon there is a 1,700-person waiting list to participate.

  • Expansion of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

    Last Thursday President Obama expanded the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Southern Oregon and Northern California by 42,000 acres.

  • EPNIX Provides Feeding Program for Both Conventional and Niche Market

    Global animal health company Alltech has a feeding program that provides a competitive advantage in feedlots and can be used for both conventional and natural feeding programs.

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